Sir. Roland the brave

Sir Roland the Brave was born into a humble family, but fate had bigger plans for him. When he was just a baby, his parents died in a tragic accident, leaving him all alone in the world. Luckily for him, a kind and generous nobleman named Lord Armand took pity on the orphaned child and decided to raise him as his own.Under Lord Armand's tutelage, Sir Roland grew up to be a kind and righteous young man. He had a natural talent for swordsmanship and was well-liked by all who knew him. However, he was not without his flaws. Sir Roland had a blunt personality and was often too quick to speak his mind, which sometimes got him into trouble.Despite his flaws, Sir Roland remained devoted to Lord Armand and served him loyally for many years. However, everything changed when Lord Armand passed away, and his son, Lord Cassian, inherited the family's fortune and title.

In the small village of Artena, nestled in the rolling hills of Akhedena, life was peaceful and quiet. That is, until one fateful day when a great dragon descended upon the town. The beast breathed flames and smoke, setting homes and buildings ablaze.As the townspeople fled in panic, Sir Roland the Brave's parents knew they had to act quickly to protect their young son. Without a second thought, they pushed him into the arms of a passing traveler and begged him to take the child to safety.With tears streaming down their faces, Roland's parents turned to face the dragon, armed only with their courage and determination. They fought bravely, but it was clear that they were no match for the mighty beast.As the dragon roared triumphantly over the burning village, the traveler fled with Roland in tow, hoping to find safety in the nearby city. After several long days of travel, they finally reached the city gates, where they were met by the lord Armand.Moved by the child's plight, Lord Armand took Roland in as his own ward and vowed to protect him at all costs. As Roland grew older under Lord Armand's tutelage, he never forgot the bravery and sacrifice of his parents, and he vowed to use his strength and courage to protect others from harm.

Unlike his father, Lord Cassian was a cruel and selfish man who cared only about his own wealth and power. He was jealous of Sir Roland's close relationship with his father and feared that the knight might try to overthrow him. So, he started spreading malicious rumors about Sir Roland, accusing him of disloyalty and treason.

At first, Sir Roland tried to ignore the rumors, believing that his loyalty and good name would protect him. But as the rumors spread, more and more people started to believe them, and Sir Roland found himself ostracized and alone.

In the end, Lord Cassian had enough evidence to accuse Sir Roland of treason and banished him from the castle. Sir Roland was heartbroken at the loss of his home and the betrayal of his friend, but he knew that he could not give up.

Sir Roland left the castle and never returned.