Overall game direction:
Our game prepares for war by building castles, obtaining food and funds, and deploying troops and generals. This is a game where you win by winning the battle with the opponent, defeating the dragon, completing the castle wall build-up, achieving the target reputation level, and finally winning the crown. However, if you defeat a dragon, you do not need a crown. You can play with 2, 3, or 4 people. Food prevents players from freely moving their generals and armies, and also reflects the reality of the Middle Ages. Your army cannot move without food!! To keep a good army going, you need to have plenty of upkeep. This aspect also reflects the medieval era. But know that there is also an army that follows you for honor.

How to play

Overall operation method:
You can build walls first to form a defensive structure, or you can operate offensively by deploying troops faster than your opponent. Each operating method has advantages and disadvantages. If operated aggressively, it is high risk and high return. If operated defensively, it may be stable but the return value may be low. Each character has special abilities and has pros and cons depending on how they operate. If you're having trouble choosing a character,I'll give you some information:

As a politician, bide your time and achieve maximum gain with minimum means! A character who is weak at the beginning but strong at the end.


A warrior, a man who leads a strong army and fights on the front lines! If you're lucky, you'll be a character who can subdue everyone at once with a strong army.

As a thief, she can work behind the scenes! A good character if you have a little luck in the early to mid-game.

Ove Goldman
As a merchant, build a strong army with powerful funding abilities! Not bad overall, but a character that needs to be managed well.

Military operation:
When you purchase a military card, you place a military flag consisting of each family's emblem on the special general miniature we made. And the military cards are placed according to the number of the military flags in the card holder we specially made for military cards. Since the card holder has unit numbers for the general cards, the general and army cards are fixed once placed, but you can rearrange the army cards according to certain rules during your turn. During war, army cards are used to determine victory, defeat, or draw. If there is no war, information about the opposing army is unknown. The army is divided into three unit types: infantry, archers, and cavalry. Each unit type has its pros and cons, and players must use them to design offensive or defensive tactics. If there is a draw when attacking first, a slight advantage is applied to the defender according to the rules.

General and military cards:
There are three main types of troops and generals: infantry, archers, and cavalry. Infantry, archers, and cavalry are further divided into three subtypes, making a total of 9 subtypes. Each of the nine subtypes is balanced for each type in attack and defense. More details will be released later.

Action card:
Each player can effectively plan their strategy by using action cards. Action cards allow the army to move momentarily faster and briefly sign a peace treaty with the opponent. You can lose your money or you can get lucky and win money. You can scout other players' armies and bet on battles. If you are lucky, you may be able to gain some fame needed for victory. You can also redeploy your troops, which require 1 turn, without consuming a turn.

Black card:
Black cards can only be used once per game by any player. It is a special move card that can be used in battle and can turn an impossible battle around. Therefore, you can use it sparingly or use it in advance when deploying early attack tactics. There are also fake cards to induce the opponent to use black cards. If you use a fake card, you can use one more card. Therefore, players must formulate a strategy depending on which black cards they have.

A detailed guidebook will be released later.

A full video guide will soon be available on YouTube.