Roland Turn Guide

  1. Receive gold coins and food tokens.

  2. Roll both dice and move pieces (rock, dragon, and your hero) and may start a battle.

  3. Choose one of 4 options to take:

    1. Market trade

You can buy one general card for free of charge each turn.

  1. Redeploy military cards

  2. Construction

  3. Move your army and may start battles

(공방 버프) is applied without any condition for all types of battle.

  1. (Optional) Play an action card

  2. Take an action card

* Make sure to keep only 4 action cards in your hand at the end of the turn.


Sir Roland, an orphan, was nurtured by Lord Armand, becoming skilled in swordsmanship. After a dragon attack, he found refuge with Lord Armand, vowing to protect the innocent. Lord Armand's son, Cassian, envied Roland and falsely accused him of treason, leading to his banishment. Sir Roland set off, heartbroken but determined.