Cedric Turn Guide

  1. Receive gold coins and food tokens.

  2. Roll both dice and move pieces (rock, dragon, and your hero) and may start a battle. * After the battle, the (유지비) of a card you selected is exempted.

  3. If the dragon is on the map, choose a player and move one of his/her generals up to 3 spaces.

  4. Choose one of 4 options to take:

    1. Market trade

    2. Redeploy military cards

    3. Construction

    4. Move your army and may start battles

* After the battle, the (Military card maintenance fee) of a card you selected is exempted.

  1. (Optional) Play an action card

  1. Take an action card

* Make sure to keep only 4 action cards in your hand at the end of the turn.

Cedric Story

Cedric, born into a political family, masters persuasion and manipulation. In the chaos after the king's death, he seizes his chance to rise. With unmatched persuasion and strategic foresight, he becomes a powerful politician. While most are swayed by his charisma, Sir Roland values Cedric's counsel. Cedric's ambition grows, aiming to become king using his deep and flexible thinking, and persuasive prowess.