Adalyn Turn Guide

  1. Take a discarded market card from the market to your hand.

  2. Receive gold coins and food tokens.

  3. Roll both dice and move pieces (rock, dragon, and your hero) and may start a battle.

  4. Choose one of 4 options to take:

    1. Market trade

    2. Redeploy military cards

    3. Construction

    4. Move your army and may start battles

  5. (Optional) Play an action card

  6. Take an action card to your hand. If it is not (immediate card), take one more action card to your hand. If both cards are not (immediate card), choose one card to keep and discard the other.
    If (immediate card) is drawn, play the card.

    * Make sure to keep only 4 action cards in your hand at the end of the turn.


Adalyn's family shattered due to political lies. Left alone, she survived using her wits and beauty. A chance meeting with a thief turned mentor changed her fate. Adalyn learned to use deception for survival, stealing from corrupt elites to aid the poor. As "Lady Adalyn," she sought justice, redistributing stolen wealth to those in need, a beacon of compassion amidst inequality.